Joke of the Week: Education

Which two restaurants, when you put them next to each other, sound like grading on the curve?

The answer is…

Wendy’s Arby’s.

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3 Responses to Joke of the Week: Education

  1. minlit says:

    Need a transatlantic translation for that one! Grading on the curve? Not sure we’ve invented that here yet!


    • Oops. I’ll be happy to explain. In some classes that are really hard, few students can get even close to 100% on tests, so the teachers take the highest score and adjust all the other scores so they’re graded in relation to that one. So if the highest score is 70%, for example, then that would be a perfect A+ and 60% would be a B+ and so on down the line. Hence, “when D’s are B’s.” 🙂

      Thanks for asking!


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