MovieBob’s Mistake

I like MovieBob’s Really That Good series of movie reviews. He drills deep into instant-classic films, such as Ghostbusters, Die Hard, The Avengers, and the first two Spider-Man films, to discover why they connected with audiences upon their original release and why they continue to work so well among contemporary audiences. One of my favorite movie reviews of all time is his Really That Good take on Superman: The Movie. If you want to gain a whole new appreciation for what that film managed to accomplish, watch that review right now. It’s an hour well spent.

Being a fan of his, I was excited to hear his take on The Matrix. Unfortunately, it wasn’t like his other reviews. He seemed extremely uncertain of himself and uncomfortable in reviewing the film, but when he explained his reasons for feeling that way in an acknowledgement near the start, I realized he was making a mistake in his suppositions.

Here’s his acknowledgement: Continue reading

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John Candy vs. Dom DeLuise

I grew up with John Candy and Dom DeLuise movies. Their silly performances appealed to me as a kid on a very rudimentary level. They’re big, fat comedians who managed to get a laugh through their awkward yet charming comedic styles. And I’m going to compare some of the interesting similarities they shared during their acting careers. Continue reading

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Clever Titles for Inevitable Sequels

I’ve been in a funny kind of mood lately. And you’re going to enjoy the fruits of it. I’ve been thinking about sequels and how we all know they’re coming, so why not have fun with their titles and see if we can turn something as inevitable as the tides into an enjoyable ride? Please enjoy these five clever titles for sequels on the horizon. Continue reading

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The Wisdom of Montgomery Brewster’s Great-Uncle

I’ve talked about Brewster’s Millions (1985) before, but I still don’t think this movie gets enough credit for being such a brilliant comedy. The setup is simple: a penniless schlub has to spend $30 million in 30 days and have no assets to show for it at the end in order to inherit $300 million from a long-lost great-uncle. But this seemingly clear comedic setup is actually a psychologically complex look into the value of wealth. It is asking a profound question: how do you break a lifetime of bad habits?

The secret to the film’s genius lies in Brewster’s great-uncle, Rupert Horn. He wants to ensure that his wealth will live on after his death, and the only way he can do that is to force his only heir to become like himself. It’s interesting that the only connection between the two of them is money. They never meet in person, even though the way the scene is shot makes it seem like they’re having an in-depth conversation. But Brewster learns in 30 short days what it took a lifetime for Rupert to learn about the value of money.

Let’s go through the pearls of wisdom that Rupert shares with Brewster and see if we might benefit from them ourselves. Continue reading

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I Hated Avatar, But Here’s Why I’m Going to Watch Avatar 2

So, Avatar 2 has finally received a release date, and it’s going to arrive 11 years after the original film. I watched Avatar in the theater on Christmas Day 2009, and I haven’t seen it since. The first year that I began writing as the Deja Reviewer I wrote a detailed explanation of why I hate Avatar. I’ll briefly recap my main frustrations with that film:

  • Avatar movie poster.The main character is never in any danger of getting hurt until the very end of the film, killing any potential suspense.
  • The Navi have dubious double standards about the sanctity of life when dealing with humans and alien creatures.
  • The Navi, their dragons, and the humans feel like plot devices more than well-rounded characters.
  • The movie’s moral message is ham-fisted and trite, always casting humans as the bad guys. Seriously, the only good humans are the ones who reject their humanity and want to put their souls into alien bodies.
  • The militant humans could easily win any conflict against primitive weapons, making the final battle utterly ridiculous.

Despite all of this and the fact that I feel no desire to ever revisit Avatar, I am going to watch its sequel when it finally debuts on December 18, 2020. In fact, I intend to go to a midnight showing to see it as early possible. Why in the world would I do this, you might ask? There are three reasons. Continue reading

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11 Movies That Sound Like They Should Be Sequels

I’m usually quite verbose in my exploration of films. But today I’m just going to let the films’ titles do the talking. I’ve compiled a list of 11 films that (purely based on their titles) sound like they should be sequels to other films with similar titles. This is all, of course, completely tongue in cheek and it’s not intended to be taken seriously. So get ready to have a good laugh as we seek wool to pull over our eyes. Continue reading

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Pleasant Surprises: Swiss Family Robinson

As a kid, I wasn’t a huge fan of Disney’s old live-action movies. They were so boring and quaint, like The Parent Trap (1960) and Freaky Friday (1976). I probably would have had a whole different perspective on the matter if I had first watched Swiss Family Robinson (1960). This movie is anything but boring, and its quaint attitude towards everything is refreshing and fun. There’s danger around every corner, but there’s also adventure and intrigue. I watched this movie for the first time as an adult, and the whole time I kept repeating, “I really like this!”

I’m sad that I missed out on this wonderful film for so many years, but I’m happy that I can share it with you and hopefully prevent any more lost time without it. Three things make this film a delight to watch: the sense of danger, the celebration of creativity, and the old-fashioned virtues. Journey with me into uncharted territory as we explore these things that make Swiss Family Robinson such a pleasant surprise. Continue reading

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