I Was So Wrong in This Old Article

I make a lot of definitive statements as the Deja Reviewer, judging this and that movie in ways that I think are reasonable and sometimes daring. But doing this leaves me open to the possibility of having to eat humble pie every now and then. Sometimes my errors are so egregious, I feel the need to go back and correct them. In this case, I figured out (nine years too late) that I was wrong about some movies being better if you skip their first half. Continue reading

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Quigley Down Under’s Villain Isn’t Such a Bad Guy

When it comes to villains, Elliott Marston is among my favorites. During my recent rewatch of Quigley Down Under in preparation for my Cinematic Chiasmus article, I noticed that Marston is surprisingly sympathetic. I’m not saying he’s a paragon of virtue. He does plenty of villainous things. I’m just saying that his vices are outweighed by his virtues. Here are four reasons why the villain of Quigley Down Under isn’t such a bad guy. Continue reading

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I’m a Fan of Emma

This isn’t going to be a typical article for me. It’ll be more personal because I’ll delve into my wife’s private life, while also being outside my wheelhouse because I’ll be reviewing a play instead of a movie. But I promise it’ll be fun. And if you stay with me to the end, you might just read something that will forever change the way you think of one of the main characters of Emma. Continue reading

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A Writer’s Work Is Never Finished

George Lucas famously said that films are never truly finished, only abandoned. I’ve noticed that that is true of basically everything I do, even though I’m not a filmmaker. I’m a writer, and each article I write feels like it has its own life and rhythm. It’s born, matures, and finally gets sent out into the world to fend for itself like a fledgling from the nest. With this in mind, I’d like to share my thoughts on the painful process of writing, rewriting, and perfecting works of art. Continue reading

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Quigley Goes Down Under and Back Up Above to Make a Perfect Chiasmus

Chiasmus occurs in a work of art when the first half of a story mirrors the second half in minute detail. So a chiasmus begins and ends in the same way, and it reaches a crucial turning point in the middle. It can be words in scripture or events in film. And today we are going to show how Quigley Down Under is an example of Cinematic Chiasmus! Continue reading

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The Surprising Greatness of The Croods: A New Age

The Croods: A New Age comes off as a little creepy at the start.“It’s really bad,” my wife told me after she watched The Croods: A New Age in the theater. “The jokes were all in the trailer, the characters get really creepy at certain points like when they eat, there’s an annoying message in it, and its story is way too messy compared to the first one.”

I was surprised to hear her criticisms because she really likes the first one. I’m usually slow to try something new, so even though I had heard that The Croods was a great film for years, I didn’t bother watching it until a little over a month ago. And I loved it! It was a How to Train Your Dragon-type experience for me because I had little familiarity with it beforehand, so my expectations of it being good were minimal. And it turned out to blow even high expectations out of the water. I was shocked at how they managed to combine The Flintstones and The Land Before Time into an undeniably satisfying viewing experience.

I didn’t know what they were going to do in the sequel, and I deliberately avoided watching any trailers for it. All I had to go on was what my wife said. A few weeks after she saw it, we checked it out from the library to watch it with all of our kids, and I was expecting to hate it. To my amazement, The Croods: A New Age managed to match the quality of the first film, if not surpass it in some ways. I extolled its positive qualities to my wife until she actually came to like it, too. It must have looked a lot creepier on a big screen.

I’d like to share five main reasons why The Croods: A New Age managed to win me over in spite of my prejudice against it at the start. Continue reading

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My Cancellation Has Already Begun

Last Monday, I logged into Reddit looking for fun things to upvote when I was hit by an admin message informing me that my account has been permanently suspended. No recourse. No discussion. No mercy. And why was I banned? Because I had upvoted something that was deemed to be in violation of the site’s terms and conditions.

I didn’t post anything obscene or say anything against the rules. I simply pushed a button that could mean I was in full agreement with the statement or that I thought it was funny or that I was just trying to be nice by liking as many things as I could. There are any number of reasons for an upvote on Reddit. But apparently there’s only one reason that counts: malicious intent. Continue reading

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James Cameron and Star Trek Predicted Each Other’s Next Film for a Decade

For an entire decade, every year that a Star Trek sequel debuted in theaters, James Cameron also released a film of his own. From 1984 to 1994. That coincidence might seem to warrant a reaction like “So what?” if it weren’t for the additional observation that they do an uncannily good job predicting the next film each other would release. For example, Cameron’s 1984 film predicts what the 1986 Star Trek film would be about, just as the 1984 Star Trek film predicts what Cameron’s 1986 film would be about. And it keeps going: 1986 leads to 1989, which leads to 1991, which leads to 1994, which leads to one more film each.

Join me as we go through a dozen films by some amazing filmmakers, and the surprising similarities they share. Continue reading

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Charlie’s Test in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

I started feeling an irresistible urge not long ago to write about Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, but I didn’t know why at first. I started obediently writing whatever thoughts came into my head, and I found that I was gleaning important messages from it that I think we could all benefit from. I’m seeing a similar story play out in more and more films lately, thanks to these feelings I keep receiving and my willingness to follow them wherever they lead. So let’s see where this one takes us as we liken the test in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory to our own lives. Continue reading

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Are We a Good People?

Yes, I meant to put that “a” in the title of this article. That’s because I’m not just asking if we are good people individually, but, as a neighborhood, city, county, state, and country, are we a good people? Do we deserve God’s mercy or justice? Do we even care about these questions? Continue reading

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