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This Is Classic Disney at Its Finest

Remember when an eight-minute cartoon could lift you to emotional heights and then bring you to tears mere moments later? I sure do. And Disney was the master of putting my emotions through the wringer. They have continued that tradition … Continue reading

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Movies That Managed to Make Mediocre Songs Sound Amazing

I love movie soundtracks. I own quite a few, which I often listen to as I write. There are some tracks that I enjoy at the start, but once they reach a certain point in the song I find myself … Continue reading

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Criticizing Films, Not Fans

I didn’t care for Wonder Woman. I liked a few scenes in it, but I found most of it to be just okay. When I told that to a friend of mine a little while back, he got mad, as … Continue reading

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This Video Inspired Me to Get Back in Shape

This article is going to be different than my usual fare. It’s dedicated to anyone who wants to improve himself or herself in some way. I love brave people. It takes a fearless mind to make a video like this:

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MovieBob’s Mistake

I like MovieBob’s Really That Good series of movie reviews. He drills deep into instant-classic films, such as Ghostbusters, Die Hard, The Avengers, and the first two Spider-Man films, to discover why they connected with audiences upon their original release … Continue reading

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The ‘Leaving Spacedock’ Scene Is a Microcosm of Most Star Trek Films

Nine of the 13 Star Trek films that have been released thus far include a scene featuring the Enterprise in Spacedock around the Earth. And, interestingly, those scenes encapsulates what each film is about. Let’s check out those “leaving Spacedock” … Continue reading

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Netflix Dedicated a Video to My Back to the Future Chiasmus!

It’s not every day that you can say a big name like Netflix took notice of you. Well, last Wednesday (coincidentally right after I published another Back to the Future article) Netflix posted a video on their YouTube account depicting … Continue reading

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