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George McFly Makes a Good Point

I never show my work. What do I mean by that? After all, I post a new article on this website every single week without fail. I mean something similar to what George McFly says to Marty McFly during the … Continue reading

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What Is the Value of Cinematic Chiasmus?

Whenever I write a Cinematic Chiasmus article, I answer a lot of questions involving the what and how. I explain what a chiasmus is and exactly how the story structure demonstrates a chiasmus as the events fall into place perfectly. … Continue reading

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My Favorite Scene in Alien

I’m not a huge fan of horror films. Alien is a rare exception. One reason why it appeals to me is because it has so many quiet scenes that allow me to experience the true sense of dread that is … Continue reading

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Lightyear Is a Lot of Lego Movie 2 Mixed with a Little Aliens

As I recently watched Lightyear, something became clear. It doesn’t have a very original story. Ironically, Lightyear tried to distance itself from the Toy Story franchise while, at the same time, basing its story on a movie that’s all about … Continue reading

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Behold the Awesome Symmetry of Akira

Okay, this has been one of the most extraordinary experiences of my 11 years as the Deja Reviewer. Several months ago, a reader of mine named Jordan sent me three movies he had a feeling about being examples of Cinematic … Continue reading

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Symmetrically Speaking, Dreamscape Is a Dream Come True

If you were to go back in time a couple of months and predict that one of my readers would be able to pick three films that are each perfectly symmetrical in their story structure, I would have answered, “In … Continue reading

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My Younger Brother Hates Every Martin Short Performance Except This One

Martin Short is an acquired taste. He plays an obnoxious guy really well. Think Father of the Bride, Three Amigos, and Captain Ron. So I can’t really fault anyone for not enjoying his schtick. Personally, I find him endearing. My … Continue reading

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Flight of the Navigator Predicted Modern Discourse in a Few Lines

Flight of the Navigator is a good movie that inadvertently predicted the contradictory depths of the way some people speak these days. There seems to be a lot of confusion on topics that have never really been up for debate. … Continue reading

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Get with the Program! Tron Is a Symmetrical Film

Cinematic Chiasmus is no longer my sole domain. I’ve had help from my wonderful readers to complete my Spider-Man chiasmus and to see the chiasmus of Alien and Alien3. In those cases, I had abandoned my Spider-Man chiasmus, and I … Continue reading

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Do Rotten Sequels Spoil Great Previous Films?

I recently rewatched 2006’s Casino Royale. I hadn’t seen it in many years, and I really liked returning to it. It feels so simple and quaint in some ways. And yet something was nagging at my mind the whole time … Continue reading

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