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Movies That Improve on Multiple Viewings: The Deer Hunter

Many years ago I read a review of The Deer Hunter in which the author said that the film is great up until the point where the three main characters get separated on the river in Vietnam. From then on, … Continue reading

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Jason Bourne vs. James Bond

Talk about déjà vu. In the first article I ever published as the Deja Reviewer, I noted that it wasn’t fan fiction about RoboCop fighting Iron Man, but a comparison of their respective first films. And now here I am … Continue reading

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Why This Is My Favorite Scene in Any Superman Film

I love the first two Superman films starring Christopher Reeve. I think they are nearly perfect in just about every way. They’re exciting, funny, dramatic, and emotional. And, best of all, they earn all of their big Superman moments by … Continue reading

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Forgotten Film Gems: Frequency

There are two kinds of people: those who love Frequency and those who haven’t seen it yet. Those are the words of my younger brother Kevin. He has been asking me to review Frequency almost since I created the Deja … Continue reading

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The Death of a Family Member

My heart is heavy. I had intended to publish another fun, thought-provoking film analysis today, but something happened this week that made me change my mind. Right now would not be an appropriate time for levity. My brother-in-law, Alan Blood, … Continue reading

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Lethal Weapon and the Fearless Action Hero

We like fearless action heroes. Arnold Schwarzenegger epitomizes the image of the action hero who rarely shows a hint of weakness and kills without remorse. In 1987’s Predator, he does have a few moments where he looks like he could … Continue reading

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Tevye and Mr. Bennet Demonstrate Why Envying the Rich Is Foolish

I compared Fiddler on the Roof and Pride and Prejudice a little while back, and I found them to be surprisingly similar in their stories and characters. Two characters, in particular, kept coming to my mind and I decided that … Continue reading

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