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The Mechanic’s Ending Blows Away the Rest of the Film

When I was starting to get interested in films as a teenager, my mom stoked the flames by introducing me to a number of great ones like Lifeboat and an edited version of Witness. And then she told me about … Continue reading

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10 Films (Besides Raiders of the Lost Ark) Whose Heroes Have No Effect on the Outcome of the Story

Remember when The Big Bang Theory ruined Raiders of the Lost Ark by pointing out the “glaring story problem” that the iconic hero Indiana Jones has absolutely no effect on the outcome of the story? None at all. At those … Continue reading

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10 Films That Contradict the Endings of the Books They’re Based on

My article “10 Films That Barely Resemble the Books They’re Based on” was a huge hit a few weeks ago, receiving more comments than any of my other articles. One commenter, who went by the initials HJ, said, “I’d like … Continue reading

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