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The Symmetry of the Alien Trilogy

Last week I published an article showing that Alien and Alien3 mirror each other quite well. For the sake of completeness, I now present the chiasmus of the entire Alien Trilogy, including Aliens in the middle. I had previously published … Continue reading

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Alien and Alien3 Mirror Each Other

I didn’t come up with this Cinematic Chiasmus. It is the brainchild of Max Collins, who emailed me about it back in October 2020. He said he was inspired by my Aliens Cinematic Chiasmus article to see for himself whether … Continue reading

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Social Distancing in Young Frankenstein

Remember when social distancing was the stuff of comedy, not intended to be real-life drama? Just take this scene near the start of 1974’s Young Frankenstein. In it, Dr. Frankenstein is bidding a tender farewell to his love, but she … Continue reading

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Asking a Simple Question: Does It Make Any Sense?

Have you ever seen a lie so big and audacious that is repeated so many times, you actually started to believe it? It seems impossible that anyone would be so brazen as to lie to your face to get you … Continue reading

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3 Superb Indiana Jones Standoffs

I realized immediately after writing last week’s article about great movie standoffs that I had missed three of the very best ones. And they come from three of the best action movies ever made: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana … Continue reading

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What Makes Superman Super

What makes Superman super? Is it his superpowers? Is it his heroics? Is it the red S on his chest? All of those are elements of it, but they’re not the whole answer. The real answer to this question is … Continue reading

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Wouldn’t It Make More Sense for the 2 Schumacher Batman Film Titles to Be Transposed?

As we all know, the four Batman films that came out from 1989 to 1997 are called Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, and Batman & Robin. Those first two Tim Burton titles are fine. Batman appears on the scene and … Continue reading

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Movies That Force Heroes to Make an Impossible Choice

Great movies force their protagonists to make hard choices that help us understand their true character traits and motivations. Sometimes those choices are extremely difficult, messy, and uncomfortable while others only have the appearance of being like that while they … Continue reading

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Aladdin Is a Love Story Between Mankind and Jesus Christ

I am excited to share something I just realized about the 1992 animated film Aladdin. I won’t bother discussing the live-action remake because that one took out some of the key elements that contribute to the symbolism of the original. … Continue reading

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Will Hollywood Survive? And Should It?

I’d much prefer to talk about positive things instead of dwelling on the negative, but sometimes we have to face hard truths. This year might go down in history as the beginning of the end of Hollywood. I don’t think … Continue reading

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