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Is It Possible to Tell a Complete Story with No Repeated Words?

I reuse a lot of words as I write. If you saw the first drafts of my articles before I publish them, you’d see that I say “so” and “that” far too often. It’s during the editing process that I … Continue reading

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Battle of the Message Movies: Turning Red vs. Teen Wolf

It’s funny. When I first heard about Turning Red a few weeks ago, I thought it was going to be one of Pixar’s lesser films. Like Brave or Soul. Little did I know that it would turn out to be … Continue reading

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I Think I Found James Horner’s Inspiration for ‘Willow’s Theme’

Have you ever listened to a piece of classical music and thought to yourself, “This sounds awfully familiar?” Plenty of people have dissected the main Star Wars theme to discover its classical roots, for example. But I recently found something … Continue reading

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Aladdin Is a Love Story Between Mankind and Jesus Christ

I am excited to share something I just realized about the 1992 animated film Aladdin. I won’t bother discussing the live-action remake because that one took out some of the key elements that contribute to the symbolism of the original. … Continue reading

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What Makes Rock Biter Such a Memorable Character?

Last week I was in a lot of pain, and a couple of my fingers were taped together, which made it extremely difficult to type. I saw an orthopedic hand doctor on Wednesday, and he took one look at my … Continue reading

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Big Trouble in Little China vs. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

I’ve heard it said that 1986’s Big Trouble in Little China was ahead of its time. It introduced American audiences to Asian mysticism and style of filmmaking before they were ready to embrace them in a big-budget action film. With … Continue reading

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Will Avatar 2 Share the Same Fate as Alice Through the Looking Glass?

Alice in Wonderland debuted in March 2010 and it took Disney remakes of their own films to a whole new level. It was the first of its kind to make $1 billion worldwide, and every live-action Disney remake since it … Continue reading

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Forgotten Film Gems: Truly Madly Deeply

Would you like a cathartic film to deal with the loss of Alan Rickman? Watch Truly Madly Deeply. It’s a refreshingly low-key ghost movie that came out the same year as Ghost, but attracted much less attention. It also came … Continue reading

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The Types of Movies That Currently Dominate Each Month of the Year

When you study movies all the time, you start to notice interesting patterns. This week I took a long hard look at movie release schedules over the past few years, and I noticed that certain types of films seem to … Continue reading

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Pleasant Surprises: Penelope

Penelope is a whimsical little film about a girl who spends the first 25 years of her life with a pig snout for a nose. I thought it was bizarre the first time I saw it. But then I gave … Continue reading

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