Want to Know What Jean-Luc is Saying in the ‘Camping’ Episode of Bluey?

I don’t speak French. And I adore a kids TV show called Bluey. If you’re like me and fall into both of those categories, I have something helpful to share with you. 

My wife and kids introduced me to Bluey a while ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s a heartwarming show that has lots of great moral lessons for parents and children. Bluey is a six or seven-year-old girl who learns about life with the help of her loving Mum, Dad, and little sister Bingo. 

One of My Favorite Episodes 

One of my favorite episodes is called “Camping.” In it, Bluey and her family go camping in the bush. One day, Bluey meets a little boy her age who only speaks French. She figures out that his name is Jean-Luc, but she can’t understand much else of what he’s saying. But that doesn’t stop them from forming a surprisingly deep friendship in just a few days. They plant the seed of a relationship that grows, even after they are forced to part ways in a heart-wrenching scene.  

Years later as a teenager, Bluey returns to that same campsite. And who greets her but Jean-Luc? In English! Her tail begins to wag, signifying she’s happy to see him. They definitely both remember each other. It could be that they are going to rekindle their friendship, and it could even develop further, especially now that they are speaking the same language.

How to Understand What Jean-Luc Is Saying 

For a long time, I wondered what Jean-Luc was actually saying throughout that episode. Perhaps he was carrying on an entirely different conversation from what Bluey imagined. I’m sure there are complicated ways of interpreting what he said, but my wife found a much simpler solution than learning French or transcribing his words into a translator. 

All we had to do was change the audio language to French in Disney+. Then everything Bluey says is in French, and everything Jean-Luc says is in English. Brilliant! As it turns out, he says basically everything that Bluey says, so I wasn’t missing out on much. Except, of course, for the tragic scene where he has to say goodbye for the final time of their childhood. That alone was worth the effort of finding this solution to the language barrier. 

Now if only someone were clever enough to find a way to splice together the English version and French version in order to have Bluey and Jean-Luc speak together in English. It would also lead to some funny results when she says she can’t understand him. 

This is the Deja Reviewer bidding you farewell until we meet again. 

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1 Response to Want to Know What Jean-Luc is Saying in the ‘Camping’ Episode of Bluey?

  1. Scott Dubois says:

    Great Post!
    Great job, Bluey! You did a great job in that episode!
    Scott Dubois
    Civic Edge Lifestyle


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