Lifting Others When I Am Down

I am writing this while I have the strength. Last Tuesday, I began manifesting some sort of disease affecting my throat, hands, and feet. As a result, it’s extremely painful to swallow or speak. My hands are covered in red spots and bumps that burn. And my feet make it feel like I’m walking on needles.

Despite my struggles, I want to share a positive message this week.

A Positive Message

I have found that when I am down, the thing that cheers me up more than anything else is lifting someone else up. I shared some jokes with a nurse at the hospital on Friday while she took my blood. That same day, I praised a coworker (in front of the whole company) for his kindness, intelligence, and patience. And I did my best to spend time with my children despite my inability to remain out of bed for long.

None of these are big things. They may not have made a huge difference for any of those people in the grand scheme of things. But it helped me feel better to serve others in my small way. To show my true colors when I’m in terrible pain. That is when it’s hardest for me to be kind, so I think that’s the most important time to make the attempt.

My wife has been picking up the slack for me while I strive to recover from this illness. I am eternally grateful to her for everything she does.

Down But Not Out

As I strive to patiently suffer this trial, I continue to trust that it won’t last forever. I’ll soon be back to my normal self. With any luck, I may even be better than my normal self because I’ll have gained valuable experience from my suffering. I’ll be more grateful for my good health and the good fortune to serve those around me. If I can reach out a helping hand to others in my time of need, imagine what I can do when the roles are reversed and someone close to me falls on hard times.

I may be down, but I’m not out. And I trust that lifting others, in whatever capacity I can at the moment, is not a wasted effort.

This is the Deja Reviewer bidding you farewell until we meet again.

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