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General Beringer Shows How to Trade Insults Like a Boss

When I listed 10 details that elevate WarGames above most thrillers, I criminally left out one of the best characters in the movie, General Beringer. This guy is amazing in every one of his scenes. He has a commanding presence … Continue reading

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10 Details That Elevate WarGames Above Most Thrillers

I’ve spoken at length about the beautiful story structure of WarGames, and now I’m going to share 10 little touches that make me absolutely love this movie. There are a lot of thrillers out there, but there’s something special about … Continue reading

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What Makes a Movie Endlessly Rewatchable?

When I finish watching great films like The Godfather or The Deer Hunter, I feel like my mind has enjoyed a sumptuous meal. I’m completely satisfied, and I don’t feel the need to return to them and consume any more … Continue reading

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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at How I Uncover Cinematic Chiasmus

I’ve written more than a dozen articles explaining how the story structure of some special films fall into the category of Cinematic Chiasmus. These are films that unfold in a particular way in which the events in their first half … Continue reading

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Shall We Play a Game? Let’s See How Symmetrical WarGames Is

How about a nice game of guess how symmetrical WarGames is? The answer is quite simple: It’s completely symmetrical. I grew up loving this movie, so I feel like it’s a privilege to share just how awesome this movie is. … Continue reading

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10 Beautifully Sad Movie Music Themes for a Good Cry

I have something really special to share with you next week. It’s been a while since I did a Cinematic Chiasmus, and I’ve got a great one in store for you. In the meantime, I have prepared a list of … Continue reading

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