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In God We Trust

I recently watched the 1994 remake of Miracle on 34th Street for the first time. I’d seen the 1947 original before, so I was fully expecting a recreation of the famous court scene. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find … Continue reading

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There Are No Accidents

I like to record the miracles I experience in my life. I have received so many over the years, I can hardly keep track of them all. This one truly humbled me, and I want to share the lessons I … Continue reading

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Feeling Bad for Feeling Bad

My fingers hurt. Nothing new there. But something strange has happened. I had intended to write a different article this week about how this website sometimes feels like my journal, but I found that it would work better if I … Continue reading

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The Ongoing Miracle of My Hands

I have wonderful news to share! More than a year and a half ago, I took my future into my own hands when I stopped seeking professional medical help for my arthritis. I’m awfully young to have such bad hands, … Continue reading

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A Significant Change in My Personal Life

Normally I don’t talk about my day job. It’s ironic that the work I do publicly tends to be something I try to keep private. I’ve worked at the same company for a little more than 12 years. That stability … Continue reading

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Do We Have to Lose Things to Truly Appreciate Them?

Until recently, I had only ever known a world of smells and tastes. Flavors. Spices. Sweets. Sours. Richness. Bitterness. The whole spectrum. But a few weeks ago, all that went away. On January 11, 2022, my sense of smell and … Continue reading

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I Promised God I Would Write This

In the early morning of Friday, November 26, 2021, I was doing my daily workout. I wasn’t even halfway through when I felt an unmistakable feeling, almost like a voice whispering to me to pay attention. I stopped what I … Continue reading

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Forgotten Film Gems: Almost an Angel

In one of Crocodile Dundee’s quieter moments, the titular character waxes philosophical in the presence of his newfound love Sue Charlton. He notes, “I read The Bible once. You know, God and Jesus and all them apostles? They were all … Continue reading

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3 Lessons I Learned from Being Miraculously Healed

Sometimes I have to go through an extremely painful situation to learn a valuable lesson. This happened once again last month. And I learned three important things from it.

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The Latent Christianity of Star Trek

Star Trek is a Christian TV show in the same way that the United States is a Christian nation. There’s very little explicit reference to Biblical teachings in the show’s scripts and in our country’s founding documents, but they are … Continue reading

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