A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Spa

Life doesn’t always go the way we expect. Take, for example, my most recent visit to a spa.

The older I get, the achier I feel. My shoulders tend to get extremely sore from time to time. To combat this, I’ve been getting massages every few months. My favorite place to get a massage is at the Seasons Salon and Day Spa in Orem, Utah. I’ve tried numerous other massage places, but I keep returning to this one because they always do the best job. I say this as someone getting no compensation to endorse them. I’m an impartial judge.

Two Thursdays ago, I set an appointment with them to come in as soon as they opened on Saturday, 11/19/2022. Little did I know that something wholly unexpected was about to happen that day. A funny thing happened on the way to the spa, if you will. Not funny haha, but more like strange and unfortunate.

I was approaching in my car but, as I was waiting at a stoplight, I noticed something odd. There were ambulances and firetrucks with their lights on blocking the entrance into the parking lot of the spa. I decided it would probably be best if I turned into a grocery store parking lot just before the spa. It looked like there was a major fire engulfing a building. So I got out of my car and started taking pictures. Here’s what I captured as I got closer to the source.

That’s right, the Seasons Spa was on fire. Smoke was billowing out of its windows and roof. Firemen were everywhere on the ground and on ladders spraying the building down. A deep pool of water from the firehoses covered the ground all around the building. Workers at the spa were wrapped in blankets in the cold wintry air comforting each other and pondering their fate.

I stayed for 15 minutes and then returned home. I later learned that the fire started a few hours earlier. I’m grateful that no one was inside at the time, and no one was injured. Just a catastrophic loss of my favorite place for a massage.

Thankfully, I received an email a week later letting me know that they’re open for business again at another location. They’re sharing space with another spa while they try to get into a permanent building again. I commend those good people for their resilience. I definitely plan on going there soon for a massage.

It’s crazy to be so close to tragedy. I don’t go there all the time, so it’s quite a coincidence that I had an appointment on the very day a fire started and engulfed their building. Hopefully it was just an accident and not deliberate.

This was something important that happened in my life recently, with no real connection to a movie or anything I usually write about. I pray that everything will be all right for these wonderful people, and I hope we’ll all count our blessings during this Christmas season.

This is the Deja Reviewer bidding you farewell until we meet again.

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