The Most Epic Cinematic Chiasmus I’ve Ever Done

We’re starting 2023 with a bang. I’ve taken on the unprecedented task of uncovering the incredible chiasmus found in Pride and Prejudice (1995). That’s right, the BBC miniseries. Not a two-hour movie or even a trilogy of movies. I’m talking about a 5-and-a-half-hour miniseries broken up into six episodes. This rivals, if not exceeds, the complexity of my Dark Knight Trilogy Cinematic Chiasmus.

For such an unprecedented task, I’m taking the unprecedented step of publishing this chiasmus over the course of an entire month. Every Tuesday in January will be dedicated to this Pride and Prejudice Cinematic Chiasmus. Here’s how the schedule will go:

The article is such an unwieldy beast that I figured it would be best to separate it into three parts. And for anyone who has the fortitude, I’ll combine all of the parts into one gigantic compilation article at the end of the month.

This is going to take an astonishing effort. For all of you Pride and Prejudice fans, this will be a rare treat to see your favorite love story in a whole new light. It turns out that the story structure is beautifully symmetrical. I can’t wait to show you exactly how it works. There are so many details, big and small, that turn this into a glorious masterpiece. They will absolutely delight you when you see them all.

So I hope you will join me starting in one week as we explore how the first half of Pride and Prejudice perfectly mirrors the second half.

This is the Deja Reviewer bidding you farewell until we meet again.

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