Four Extraordinary Cinematic Chiasmus Articles Coming Soon

If I say that something is unprecedented too many times, that word will lose its impact. And yet I’ve felt the need to say that six of the last eight Cinematic Chiasmus articles I’ve written, starting with Tron and ending with Pride and Prejudice (1995), have been absolutely unprecedented because of either how they came to be or how epic in scope they were.

Despite all that, let me tell you that what I’m about to share is truly unprecedented. You see, when a brilliant reader of mine recommended Tron, Escape from New York, Dreamscape, Akira, and Conan the Barbarian as potential examples of Cinematic Chiasmus, he did so without knowing for sure that they would fit into that category. He just had a feeling, and he suggested that I take a look to see if they were symmetrical in nature. And it turned out all of them were.

I still haven’t gotten to his final (so far) suggestion of The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. But that’s on the docket.

Those five articles were all incredible to write. And now I am about to have a totally new experience. A “long time listener, first time caller,” as he put it, recently sent me a series of messages through the Contact Form on this website. They were absolutely stunning.

A man named Jay sent me four film titles with fully fleshed-out chiasma! You know how I always start each Cinematic Chiasmus article with a summary from A to Z, or whatever number sequence, of the events in the film to show how everything connects? That is what he did for me. There’s no guesswork about whether or not the four films he sent work. They all do. Now all I have to do is write the rest of the copy in the articles.

I’m going to try to write all of those articles in quick succession. We’ll see how quickly I can write them since he’s already done the legwork of discovering the chiasmus in each one. This will be a remarkable series of Cinematic Chiasmus articles unlike any other I’ve done in the past. Why? Because I truly didn’t write them. Someone else came up with their frameworks, and I’m just filling in the details.

Stay tuned for those in the near future, hopefully starting next week if all goes as planned.

This is the Deja Reviewer bidding you farewell until we meet again.

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