4 Ideas for Sequels to The Last Starfighter

I’m in a nostalgic mood. I’ve had The Last Starfighter on my mind lately, and I can’t help wishing that movie had been a mega blockbuster so that it would have inspired at least one sequel. It’s a movie that feels both perfectly self-contained and also like it’s setting up even greater things to come.

Here are four ideas for sequels to The Last Starfighter that I’ve been bouncing around. You might think they suck or they sound interesting. I spend a lot of time thinking critically about films as they are, so I think it’s only fair that I put forth some ideas on what I would love to see in feature films.

So let’s go right ahead and explore four sequels I would have loved to see to The Last Starfighter.

Sibling Rivalry

Alex's little brother Louis Rogan might just become as great of a Starfighter as his big brother.Alex and Maggie have a child. Meanwhile back on Earth, Louis follows in his older brother Alex’s footsteps and becomes an expert at the “Starfighter” arcade game. He joins the Star League just as Alex’s son comes of age. A Children of Dune-type story develops where Louis resents his nephew’s success, and we get to see history repeat itself as Louis (much like Xur) allows his reckless ambition to lead him to engage in open rebellion and civil war.

Alex’s Nemesis

What if Alex Rogan was forced to face off with another human instead of faceless aliens in a Last Starfighter sequel?A mysterious new video game hits the market. It’s similar to the original “Starfighter” game, but Centauri had nothing to do with this one. It turns out that there’s another alien race besides the Rylans and the Ko-Dans that has learned that Alex came from Earth, and it’s trying to find the next great Earthling pilot to lead its evil forces into battle. They finally discover a young man of similar caliber and yearning as Alex. He gets trained as one of them and is forced to go up against the legendary Alex Rogan. Will one Earthling be able to triumph over the other, or will Alex be able to convince the confused young man that he’s been duped into fighting against his own species’ survival?

Xur Returns

Xur's return could prove much more subtle and deadly.The villainous Xur returns with a plan for peace. He wants to reconcile the differences between noble Rylos and the ambitious Ko-Dan Empire. This time he’s backed up by a secret army he’s been building up for years. While claiming he’s working for peace, he manipulates the two sides to distrust each other. He launches a sneak attack against the Ko-Dan Empire and frames Rylos for it. It’s up to Alex, Maggie, Centauri, and Grig to uncover Xur’s plot and keep the universe from erupting into another destructive war.

Maggie’s Adventures

Alex and Maggie pledge to stay together no matter what at the end of The Last Starfighter.Maggie and Alex go from one adventure to the next in their new life among the stars. Alex struggles to rebuild the Star League as Maggie deals with separation anxiety from everyone she knew on Earth. With the Frontier down, Alex leads a squad of fighters deep into uncharted territory. They disappear. Refusing to despair, Maggie begs Grig to help her track Alex down and bring him safely home. He agrees, and the two set off on a journey of discovery. She learns she has skills she never knew she possessed as she uses her mind and might to find her way to Alex.

I hope you enjoyed these simple thoughts. It’s always fun to think about what might have been and what still could be in the future.

This is the Deja Reviewer bidding you farewell until we meet again.

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4 Responses to 4 Ideas for Sequels to The Last Starfighter

  1. KC says:

    Yes, this was a nice little gem from the classic summer of `84.

    I like your last idea, “Maggie’s Adventures” because it reminds me of the new life Flash and Dale would have at the end of the movie when they decided to stay on Mongo (although I could never tell from Dale’s response whether she was being sarcastic or not about staying).


  2. KC says:

    Was it Tron Legacy that made you come up with these sequel ideas for TLS or did you already have them in your head for years?


    • I was actually rewatching 2001: A Space Odyssey in preparation for another article, and for some reason that got me thinking about of The Last Starfighter. My mind tends to wander during the long, ponderous scenes of space travel, and my thoughts settled on the fun adventures I would have loved to see Alex and Maggie experience together.


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