5 Ways Marty McFly Could Get Rich Without the Sports Almanac

In Back to the Future Part II, when Doc Brown discovered that Marty McFly was going to take lucrative information about the future back to the past (in the form of a Sports Almanac), he was furious. He didn’t want anyone to use the time machine for financial gain. But he didn’t realize that just by walking around the 2015 version of Hill Valley Marty had already soaked up so much valuable information that he could make a fortune by remembering what he saw and heard. No Almanac required.

Here are five ways Marty could still get fabulously wealthy from his experience in 2015, even after Doc threw his Almanac in the trash.

1. Save His ‘80s Pop Culture Relics

Marty McFly could make a fortune selling '80s antiques in 2015.Marty takes a moment to pop into a store selling old ‘80s products after spending time in an ‘80s café. Clearly, there’s a spike in nostalgia in the future for things that are easily accessible where he comes from. All he has to do is stock up on popular action figures, comic books, baseball cards, Michael Jackson music albums, video games, plush dolls, and anything else he can think of, and just hold onto them until they become valuable collectibles. Then sell them at a huge profit. As Marty himself once said, “I guess you guys aren’t ready for that. But your kids are gonna love it.”

2. Invest in New Resources

Marty would be wise to avoid investing in Havoline is the gasoline of the future in Back to the Future Part II.oil refineries and instead sink his money into havoline and nuclear fusion, the replacements for gasoline and oil. He clearly sees signs advertising Mr. Fusion and havoline during his brief visit to 2015, so he just needs to keep a lookout over the years for their major breakthroughs so he can jump on board at the start. It certainly beats BiffCo.

3. Invest in New Technology

The shark still looks fake, even in a 3D version of Jaws.Marty is astounded as he walks down the streets of Hill Valley and sees all sorts of advanced technology. Hoverboards, hovercars, floating dog walkers, and 3D movies all catch his eye. And Doc tells him about thumbprint readers. He could put a little money into the companies that go on to develop any or all of those products as soon as they pop up and clean up. Although even after all the advancements in technology, “The shark still looks fake.”

4. Invest in Current Brands That Are Still Big in the Future

Pepsi is the brand of every new generation.If Marty is more comfortable going with tried-and-true brands that he’s familiar with from his own time, then there are plenty of those for him to choose from, as well. Pepsi, USA Today, Texaco, Nike, and Universal (maker of the 19 Jaws movies) are all solid bets. If he’s lucky, he could even become a spokesman for Pepsi… oh wait, someone who looks just like him already did that. As a wise man once said, “If you want a Pepsi, pal, you’re gonna pay for it.”

5. Buy Beachfront Property in Vietnam

The Surf Vietnam poster suggests Marty McFly should invest in Vietnam's beachfront property.I doubt that anyone in 1985 thought Vietnam would become an American-friendly tourist trap anytime soon. But Marty could clearly see a poster with the slogan “Surf Vietnam” in 2015, so he might just be able to buy a bit of beachfront property in Vietnam and sit on it for a while until tensions cool down and it suddenly becomes a vacation hotspot. Keep in mind that in 1955 Japan was synonymous with low quality while Marty points out that in 1985, “All the best stuff is made in Japan.”

A Few Things to Avoid

Marty should definitely avoid buying Laserdiscs or going to law school to become a lawyer since he quickly discovers that Laserdiscs are being discarded in huge heaps and lawyers have been abolished in the future. But taxicabs are still being used. Basically, he knows exactly what to avoid and what to pursue, and he can use all of that information to his advantage.

Marty doesn’t need to bet on horse races, college football games, or other sporting events to become rich. He just has to make a few well-timed purchases of products, stocks, and/or real estate to make a fortune that will keep paying dividends long after the Sports Almanac becomes obsolete. “Your future isn’t written, so make it a good one.”

This is the Deja Reviewer bidding you farewell until we meet again.

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3 Responses to 5 Ways Marty McFly Could Get Rich Without the Sports Almanac

  1. Dave says:

    Very insightful, Robert. All amazingly accurate details from the film! Great post again!


  2. Doug says:

    Very cool thought Robert as usual. btw, congrats on the cool Netflix video describing your Back to the Future chiasmus. Of course it would have been nice if they had spelled your name right:(


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