The End of The Ten Commandments (1956) Is the End of the World

In a film packed with memorable moments, the creation of the 10 Commandments stands out as quite possibly the best scene in The Ten Commandments (1956). And not just because it is packed with Logos, spirituality, and drama. Another reason this scene is so powerful is because it perfectly represents the end of the world. We can look at this scene and see what is coming in our own future. And that is what we are going to do right now.

False Prophets and Idol Worship

Ramses, Pharaoh of Egypt in all his earthly glory, is humbled by the display of God’s power to the point that he is forced to acknowledge that the God of Israel is the one true God. This is the same pattern that will happen in the last days. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is the Lord, even if it is to their condemnation.

Moses delays his return from Mount Sinai, much like how people will say that Christ delays His return from Heaven to cleanse the Earth. Times will get extremely difficult, and it will seem like the Second Coming should have happened to prevent all of the calamities that are coming. There have been many who have claimed they knew the precise date of the Second Coming, but they’ve all been wrong. When people begin to fear that it will never happen, we might just see false prophets come to prominence to fill the void.

People may not worship a golden calf, but there are plenty of things to worship besides God, whether it be popularity, one’s own abilities, the Earth, or creations that have come from the minds of men.

God Gives His Higher Law While Wickedness Rises

Even good people can be coerced into acting wickedly because they don’t want to cause contention. We see this in Aaron’s case. He is the brother of Moses, and he tries to reason with the people to get them to be patient. But his cries fall on deaf ears, and he is persuaded to create a golden calf for the people to worship rather than let them wait on the Lord. Unfortunately, this complicity lends credence to the false prophets who rise up. We already see normal people look away in shame and stay silent as cunning men destroy good people and sacrifice them to their false gods. Whether that be on social media or in barbaric countries, it happens all too often.

Meanwhile, God is busy preparing Moses with the higher law as opposed to the lesser law, which would come to be known as the Law of Moses. The higher law required people to police their actions and discipline their thoughts and desires. We see this principle of self-governance encapsulated in the 10 commandments. When God personally rules on the Earth, He will do so with the higher law and entirely fulfill and do away with the Law of Moses.

Hedonism Reigns Until God Destroys the Wicked

The Israelites revel in wickedness until Moses comes down from the mountain with a message for them. He calls upon the humble to repent and turn to the Lord for forgiveness and freedom. For the wicked, all that awaits them is death. I’ve talked at length about why people are unhappy today. I think most people can tell if they are acting in a way that will lead them to happiness or not. Someday there will have to come a great separation of the wheat from the tares. God will judge the world and decide who is worthy to live in His presence and who is not.

A Long Wait Before Entering the Promised Land

Because of their disobedience, the Israelites had to wander in the wilderness for 40 years before their children were allowed to enter the Promised Land, led by Joshua. In the future, there will be 1,000 years of peace in which the world will be governed by Christ in order to prepare its inhabitants for the final judgment. Who knows what lies beyond in that Promised Land, but we do know that the righteous will be led into it by another Joshua (Jesus).

More to Come

The Ten Commandments continues to fascinate me. I will have more to say about this film in the coming weeks. There’s just so much worth discussing in it. Thank you for sticking with me on this journey.

This is the Deja Reviewer bidding you farewell until we meet again.

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