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Get Smart’s Cone of Silence Is a Metaphor for Modern Communication

Comedy is one of the best ways to shine a light on uncomfortable truths. With that in mind, let’s take a look at this scene from the very first episode of the classic TV show Get Smart.

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So, Cars 2 Is Kind of Great

Cars 2 does everything a good sequel isn’t supposed to do: It focuses on a minor character from the first film while essentially sidelining the expected main character. It doesn’t follow the same story pattern as the first film. It … Continue reading

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Jason Bourne vs. James Bond

Talk about déjà vu. In the first article I ever published as the Deja Reviewer, I noted that it wasn’t fan fiction about RoboCop fighting Iron Man, but a comparison of their respective first films. And now here I am … Continue reading

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The Man with the Golden Pun: Funny Descriptions of All 6 James Bonds

Who doesn’t love James Bond? Long before Jason Bourne shot onto the scene, Bond was charming audiences with his unique combination of sophistication and brutal efficiency. No two actors who played Bond are exactly the same, which is why I’ve … Continue reading

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